Sarah's Story

What brought me to HavenHouse was I was seeing a cardiologist who got recruited to the Washington University/Barnes Jewish Hospital staff. I had been passing out and it wasn't until I got to him that he knew what to do and that led to a pacemaker. When I heard he was moving to St. Louis I was uncertain if I would be able to continue care with him due to the costly hotels. I had done research as to where I would stay. I had been to St. Louis one other time and did not know about HavenHouse. We paid a very expensive rate at one of the hotels close to the hospital. I travel frequently for my medical needs due to the complexity and rareness of my case.

Most states have housing for patients but it is either for kids or cancer patients. There is nothing for someone like me who has many medical conditions but just don't fit into the right category. I was relieved when I called HavenHouse to inquire and they told me that ANY patient could stay there and that all my doctor office would have to do is fill out a form.

My cardiologist has since had me establish care with specialists at Wash U so he can oversee things. If I hadn't found HavenHouse, I would not be able to see my cardiologists or other specialists.

I recently had surgery and I was able to stay for an extended period of time thanks to the affordable rates at HavenHouse. Most surgeons have protocols and when I had my surgeries elsewhere, I would have to leave quickly due to the expensive hotel rates and not be able to fully follow the protocol. Thanks to HavenHouse, I was able to stay there for 3 months. While staying there, they received donations of St. Louis Cardinals tickets. Once I was well enough, I finally got to go. It was fun and this is a great thing that they do. That helped to get my mind off of things.

HavenHouse provides breakfast and dinner. After having appointments and sometimes surgery, it is stress-free knowing we don't have to worry about our meals. The meals are well balanced and delicious too! They have bagels and fruit as well if you're looking for a snack. They also provide free use of their laundry facilities, which is amazing. When I stayed for longer periods of time on my other medical trips; that became costly. They also provide shuttle service which is beneficial for those families who fly or who aren't familiar with the area. Their location is also convenient as it is in walking distance to the pharmacy and grocery stores. If I could describe HavenHouse in one word, it would be HOME.

The HavenHouse staff goes above and beyond and they do everything they can even without asking, to make you comfortable. After my last surgery I was in significant pain but yet I was still able to make it to the dining area where the staff would walk by and I would get talking to them and get my mind off the pain. I even had a pillow on the chair to elevate my leg. If I was at a hotel, I would be reluctant about doing that as most people at hotels aren't patients so the staff may not be used to that. Since they have so many patients staying there with different stories, they are sensitive to their guests' needs and what they are going through. Even if they are having a rough day, they still have a smile on their face. Thank you HavenHouse!

Sarah M.
Shelton, Connecticut

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