With Care and Compassion

My daughter had Necrotizing Fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating bacteria. She was transferred to Mercy Hospital for what would become several months of surgeries and many complications. Even though she is 27, I had no intention of leaving her side. We live three hours away from St. Louis and I had no place to stay. A social worker at the hospital referred me to HavenHouse.

I am from a small town so I was very overwhelmed by the vastness of the city as well as everything going on with my daughter. From the very first night the shuttle picked me up at the hospital and brought me to HavenHouse I felt safe and knew things were going to be okay. I was scared and alone, tired, hungry, and basically terrified. I was welcomed with open arms, given a beautiful room, food to eat, transportation to and from the many hospitals my daughter has been transferred to, and all of this was done tirelessly with care and compassion. I can never repay all that I have received from HavenHouse.

HavenHouse St. Louis BBB Charity Seal Hospitality House Network GuideStar Platinum Charity 2022 Charity Navigator 100/100 Encompass Rating