Gift Planning

Through gift planning, you can help current and future HavenHouse St. Louis patients and families find comfort and care in a home away from home setting during a time when they need it most. Your enduring contribution can make a difference to a child facing cancer, a newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit whose family must be near, an adult receiving an organ transplant or oncology treatment, or a teenager receiving an orthopedic procedure.

You can begin your giving legacy now or after your lifetime.

Please consider the following options if you want to give now:

Cash Gifts

Supporting HavenHouse with a cash gift gives you the ability to choose how your gift is used. This includes but is not limited to assigning your donation to unrestricted funds, general operating funds, the Jordan Giertz Memorial Fund, the Meghan Fund, the meal program, the transportation program, etc.

You can donate online by clicking here or you can contact our Development Director at (314) 434-5858 to answer any questions you may have about choosing how to use your gift.

Securities such as Stocks, Bonds, or Other Marketable Securities

In addition to cash gifts another way in which you can support the mission of HavenHouse is you can sell your stock and then donate what is left over after you pay capital gains tax, or you can donate securities directly. Please contact our Executive Director at (314) 434-5858 for more information.

Please consider the following options if you want to give after a lifetime:

In Lieu of Flowers

A terminal diagnosis or unexpected death evokes a range of emotions for patients and their families. Many choices need to be made at a time when decision making can be difficult. When patients and families choose to invite HavenHouse into their lives, we recognize and appreciate that they are sharing a uniquely challenging, yet special time. Many family members want to thank HavenHouse and so often they search for a tangible way to say "Thank you". In such cases, we encourage families to consider naming HavenHouse St. Louis as their charity of choice in lieu of flowers in their loved one's death notice. This gives others who are or were close to your loved one the opportunity to memorialize the individual in a truly meaningful way.


Bequests are the cornerstone of most estate plans and among the easiest ways for you, the donor, to arrange a gift. Donors set up a bequest when they work with their attorneys or legal advisors to draft their wills. We ask that you please remember HavenHouse St. Louis in your plan. We are more than happy to discuss with you how your potential bequest might be used.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a wonderful yet often overlooked tool for making a gift. A gift can be set up by you, the donor, by selecting HavenHouse St. Louis as a beneficiary of all or a portion of the policy's proceeds. Or, you can give HavenHouse a policy and we could either cash it in or hold it until a later date. This type of arrangement would require additional conversations and we encourage you to contact our Executive Director at (314) 434-5858 if this is a gift you are considering.

Retirement Plans

Individuals with a retirement plan, whether through their employer or their own Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or 401(k)s, 403(b)s and pension plans, can ordinarily select a charity, HavenHouse St. Louis, as a beneficiary of the remaining balance. These gifts are arranged by donors contacting the administrator of their plans.

Financial Service Products

You may likely have certificates of deposit or other accounts at a bank or financial institution and you want to select HavenHouse St. Louis as the beneficiary of these accounts through a payable-on-death provision. The charity would only receive the remaining balance of the funds upon the donor's death.

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