Board of Directors - Member

Zhanna Keeton, MBA, MA, LPC, CCTP, CCTS

Executive Director - Center for Life Solutions

A photo of Zhanna Keeton smiling, sitting on a bench in a grassy, green park.

Zhanna Keeton, now a power forward Executive Director for Center for Life Solutions aims to provide leadership in the field of healthcare combining a results-driven approach with passion for the cause of life changing experiences for patients, staff and the community. She has held executive leadership positions over the last ten years, transforming companies’ brands and profitability avenues.

Zhanna is a doctoral candidate, working toward a Ph.D. in Counseling Supervision, MBA graduate from Webster University, with a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a Master of Counseling from Missouri Baptist University. As a published author and licensed psychotherapist with over 100 hours of training on trauma she endeavors to utilize the in-depth understanding of the human experience to improve the delivery of behavioral healthcare services, driving both profits and effective services.

As a service to the community, she founded a nonprofit trauma counseling facility that incorporates canine-assisted therapy, now spearheading the cause as the Board Chair. She shares her vigor for life altering positive experiences through her writings as a published author, and as a speaker on topics in mental health.

She gladly serves as a Board Director for two intuitive nonprofit organizations serving causes that Zhanna cherishes. HavenHouse of St Louis, an organization that provides a haven for families struggling with medical traumas. Healing Action, a needed source of support for victims of human trafficking, taking them from nightmares to hope.

Zhanna’s approach to life and business is unparalleled as she continues her journey through leading the fight against opioid addiction epidemic connecting services, support, education and resources as the leader of the cause at Center for Life Solutions in St. Louis, MO.

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