Meal Donations

Thank you for your interest in our meal donation program! Part of the mission of HavenHouse St. Louis is to provide families with healthy, home-cooked meals while they stay with us. This reduces stress for the patients and their family members.

Before you commit to making a meal, a few things to consider-

  • An individual or a group application will need to be completed
  • The donor purchases all of the food
  • Meals are prepared by the donor(s), by a local restaurant, or an establishment mandated by the Health Department
  • On average, the meal should serve 35-60 people. Staff will guide donors on preparing food for the appropriate number of people

Meal suggestions-
Meals should be simple, healthy and well-balanced. Please avoid items with nuts or exotic ingredients.


If you are providing breakfast, we suggest an egg or French toast casserole, frozen hash brown patties, and bacon. We also request assorted individual yogurt cups and fresh fruit. We ask that you provide a gallon of milk and juice with the meal. We also welcome donations of eggs, bacon, and sides if you do not feel like cooking.


Our families enjoy simple meals, such as chicken, a vegetable, salad, and rice. Items like meatloaf with mashed potatoes and vegetables or pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and fresh fruit are also favorites. The meal donation must include a main dish, at least two sides, dessert, a gallon of milk, and a gallon of unsweetened tea or juice. Please avoid lunch meat, soup, or chili.

Infectious Diseases

The HavenHouse staff is very concerned about infectious diseases because so many of our guests are immune suppressed. It is imperative that if any member of your group has been exposed to chicken pox (within the last 21 days), shingles, measles, mumps, whooping cough, or any other contagious disease (colds, flu, etc.) they not put our guests at risk by coming to the House or assisting with meal preparation.


If you or your group is unable to fulfill the meal donation commitment and have to cancel, please let us know no later than two weeks prior to your meal donation date so we can find a replacement. If you need to cancel with less than two weeks' notice, you may have food delivered to HavenHouse, such as pizza or sandwiches.

To donate a weekend meal, fill out the Volunteer Application to the left to get started!

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